May 7, 2020 Eview Group

Landlords, our message to you

“We Care”

Over the past few weeks, we have seen the world brutally attacked by an invisible illness, with many countries purely fighting to stay alive.  As a nation we are fighting hard to minimalize risk and #flattenthecurve. We have seen new laws and restrictions introduced, causing businesses to close, communities retreat and ‘social distancing’ measures monitored, tightened and strictly enforced.

COVID-19 swept across the globe so rapidly, instantly and drastically changing the way we with live within weeks. Without warning, a virus of pandemic proportions has left communities in turmoil and many people in financial freefall. Local businesses quickly re-working their existing models to create a virtual profile and offer online transactions, merely enabling them to survive in this current climate.

With innovation and revolutionary technology two key elements in the fundamental systems and business strategies of Eview Mt Eliza Property Management team, we thought now would be a great time to showcase the additional systems and additional touch points we have fine-tuned and now firmly implemented across our team, to help adjust and evolve to this new modern day world.

Support, Communication and Guidance

Our team have rapidly adapted to this new world, developing new policies and procedures encompassing social distancing restrictions and increased hygiene measures to continue a safe level of service to both landlords and tenants. Understanding new changes and creating implementation strategies as they come to light, has been a primary focus for the team, ensuring we always keep you informed.

Whilst we may not be working within the confinement of our office now, we are working closely with our entire network of property management divisions and as a nation-wide team we are now more connected than ever before. With the help of virtual meeting apps, our national network of property managers and support personnel, are connecting daily to discuss strategies, innovative implementation and share personal stories encompassing hurdles or good news.

What does this mean for our landlords?

Well, with connection, brings trust.

Our office is committed to focus on service delivery and we are determined to continue transparent communication and help guide landlords and tenants
alike, through this unparalleled time. We want to ensure our landlords and tenants received all the support they need and with this network of support available and combined knowledge, our property managers are fully equipped with dialogue, and an unmeasurable understanding of our current climate, within our hyper-local communities.

As further pragmatic information is communicated by Premiere Daniel Andrews regarding the practical implementation of the $80million rental assistance fund, for Victorians experiencing rental hardship our property managers have been providing on-going mentor-ship to tenants and landlords alike, helping to demystify and educate on what this all means. Now armed with a high-level of education and understanding around the coordination and ‘roll out’ of the stimulus package, our property managers will endeavour to provide transparent communication, enabling a clear path forward, with minimal bruises.

Our Team 

Our Property Management team are constantly being proactive and further exploring new opportunities to minimise vacancy rates and build report with tenants to ensure lease longevity.

Our unique ‘PM Pager’ allows all property managers, Australia-wide to connect and communicate, sharing invaluable tools and industry information, as well as updates on their current property management offerings. This is a game- changer when it comes to traditional property management models; facilitating multiple property management departments the opportunity to seek and share information, all whilst providing support and cultivating a great culture across our network of departments.

Innovative Technology 

Initially conceived as a state-of-the-art and industry leading agency model, the Eview Group (as the name suggests) was fundamentally structured to support a virtual and remote working lifestyle. With this, comes an intensive and fully comprehensible online training, document library and support platform for all team members to utilise. We have seamlessly adapted to remote working environments over the past few weeks, utilising these already established and familiar systems and online platforms, from home.

Eview Mt Eliza Property Management team has engaged in secure online document signing in conjunction with video tours to continue limiting the spread of COVID-19, operating with everybody’s health and safety at the forefront of our teams’ minds.

As our world changes, our property managers are determined to continue client-centric service, delivered with professionalism and true transparency.

For further questions around our service and procedures amid COVID-19, or to discuss your individual investment situation, please visit #wecare #workingtogether