The ten step selling process, why preparation matters

They say ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ – and never was this more true than when buying and selling property. At Eview we have developed our tried and tested ten-step process that ensures positive results and optimises property sale from start to finish. Here we share the procedure from start to finish to reassure and inform sellers looking to properly prepare to put their property on the market.


Step 1

Selecting an agent. This is the first and perhaps the most important step of the entire process. It is crucial that you feel comfortable and confident with the agent you select. The right agent in front of the right buyer will ensure the best result – so it’s key to determine their strengths and gather testimonials to prove their ability and proficiency when selling properties similar to yours.


Step 2

Method of sale. Method of sale matters. Along with your real estate agent you’ll decide whether to opt for a private, auction, or tender sale. Each have their own advantages attached and your choice will largely depend on your situation and preferences. Your real estate agent will be able to advise you on which option suits you best taking into account the desired result. For example if a speedy sale is priority and you’re willing to forfeit a portion of the value of your property that will warrant a different outcome compared to those willing to wait to get the best price for their home.


Step 3

Property preparation – Clean, de-clutter, repair and refresh ready for viewings. Visuals matter – as do sounds and scents within the home that can influence how buyers perceive your property. You can find advice on preparing your property for buyer inspection here on the blog.


Step 4

Pre-market launch – A pre-market launch pumps up anticipation and intrigue and builds a buzz around a property. At this stage promotional activity is centred on sparking interest and growing competition surrounding the property before it is marketed fully.


Step 5

Marketing collateral – Marketing materials are key – so your real estate agent will put together a selection of print and digital promotions that target specific audiences likely to be interested in your property. These sales support tools will then be distributed and utilised during the launch.


Step 6

Launch to market – Your property is placed on the market fully and is ready for presentation to buyers. Marketing will focus on specific calls to action encouraging buyers to make enquiries and organise or attend viewings.


Step 7

Buyer inspections – Buyer inspections can be organised on an ad-hoc basis, or in the form of collective open viewings. Your real estate agent will advise you on the best way to organise inspections, which may involve a blended approach of private and open viewings.


Step 8

Negotiations – This sensitive and crucially important stage of the process must be carefully handled to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all parties.


Step 9

Contract of Sale – Comprehensive and watertight sale contracts must be drawn up and agreed to during the final stage of the process. Real estate agents will work together with legal professionals to ensure that contracts are sound, but also to prevent proceedings from holding up or delaying the process. 


Step 10

After sale – After sale support is important – and ensuring that all parties are settled and happy is key to a successful sale. Your real estate agent can also help you to tie up any loose ends and will check in to see how you’re getting on in your new home.


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